Get Schooled Explore the Best Education Options in the DC Metro Area

01/30/19  |  Harrison Halem

Providing them with a good education is a high priority for many parents and guardians.

Whether you currently have kids or are planning on having them in the near future, providing them with a good education is a high priority for many parents and guardians.

Even if you don’t have kids, living in a good school district can significantly boost your home’s value!

Since we have years of experience in the DC Metro area, we can help break down where the best schools are for all grade levels.

From elementary schools to high schools to private schools, here are some of the best options available. Pro tip use our handy home search tool to narrow down homes by school district during the process.

Best Elementary Schools

Two children working on homeworkThe early elementary school years are critical in a child’s education. During these years, kids learn to expand their vocabulary size, behavioral habits, and math and reading skills, all of which can serve as predictors for future success. Even statistics like health, crime, and parental income improve when children have access to top notch early education.

​​​​​​​In the DC Metro area, there are tons of options for high quality public elementary schools. Ranked by Niche as the best public elementary school in Virginia, the Arlington Science Focus Elementary School is one of the top choices in the area. Students here are almost 100% proficient in math and reading. Other top schools include Ashlawn Elementary and Jamestown Elementary.

Best High Schools

Finding the right high school is just as important as finding the right elementary school. High schools prepare students for entering the real world, equipping them with practical skills and preparing them for continuing their education at a college or technical school if they choose to do so.

Ranked as one of the top ten high schools in the nation, the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is one of the best choices you can find in the area. The school boasts a 100% math and reading proficiency, as well as a 100 score in college readiness. Other highly ranked high schools in the area include Winston ChurchillSchools Without Walls, and Poolesville.

Best Private Schools

A school libraryIf you have the financial means to do so, some parents and guardians in the area choose to pay tuition and send their kids to private school. Private schools typically offer small class sizes, rigorous academics, and a rich community life, among other things.

For those interested in private schools in the DC Metro area, most options are fairly high rated. The top schools include Fusion Academy, Georgetown Day School, National Cathedral School all girls, and St. Albans all boys.

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